Software Development

Writing software is almost as hard as building a house!

I am a keen Mac fan. It works and it’s almost unix like, so if you are a techy, what’s not to like.

Applications are made up of data, views and controls. I get a great deal of joy out of modelling the data and relationships between objects. It’s therapy.

The user interface is a pain and definitely more art. The plumbing to integrate control between the beauty that is data and the facade that is the shop front is the challenge.

I love to use Filemaker to rapidly prototype data and the general flow of an application.

My most recent project took 3 days to create a simple but waist trimming food tracker which has helped me keep fit. I lost 12 lbs in 4 weeks. Yes, I wrote software help me lose weight!

The next phase of my project is to migrate the Filemaker implementation to Swift 3 and learn a bit more about the iOS / OSX frameworks. Making use of Xcode and building familiarity with tools like Git.

It’s fun and it’s so easy to get immersed into this wonderful world of experimentation.